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of mistreating animals. the washington humane society said that gilman was placed he and two others left over the weekend. the humane society won't comment on why they left and calling it a personnel matter. >>> be smart about using your smartphone. the warning from d.c. police saying street robbers are on the rise and the hot target for criminals right now, iphones and other pdas. police are urging people to use common sense and be aware of their surroundings. >>> what will you be driving in the future? the answer mean here. as we take you inside the washington auto show next. >>> and police break up a dan party. did the cops violate the rights? what a judge has to say about that after the break.  following breaking news out of the auto industry. toyota is suspending sales of eight models of cars involved in a recall. the company recalled the eight vehicles last week do you to a problem with the accelerator pedal sticking. the recall includes 2.3 million vehicles, including the rav 4, toyota camry, avalon, highlander and sequoia. the toyota is suspending sales of all of those vehic
the shoulder. a huge back up into the district. an accident on the baltimore- washington parkway at 202. the risk an accident at the district line on kenilworth avenue. >> thank you. >>> metro officials confirmed that two workers were struck and killed by a maintenance vehicle. >> this happened shortly before 2:00 this morning. that is where we find courtney robinson. she is live with the latest details. >> we have investigators out hererying to figure out exactly what happened. two men were hit by a piece of equipment as they were working on the track between shady grove road and the rockville stations. this is what they were hit by, it is called a high-raiil mover. it moves without electricity to allow crews to go up and down the tracks performing maintenance. two metro workers are dead. metro is calling this an accident. one man died on the scene. the other was taken to suburban hospital where he diedrom his injuries. police officers initially believed that man was 68 years old. it happened just before 1:45 a.m. this was on the red line. this is near 355. the men were working on the
aqui @@@5 peligrosas del condado de montgomery, al igual que la compania 555washington gas, pepco, y tecnicos de la compania telefonica verizon, asistieron al lugar para 555ar en las investigaciones... quienes horas mas tarde no descubrieron ningun gas y la avenida de georgia fue reabierta.... una seccion del aeropuerto inte reabierta esta tarde, luego que evacuaron parte del corredor jota del aeropuerto para que equipos expertos en explosivos investigaran el contenido del equipaje... durante la investigacion, que resulto r una falsa alarma, algunos vuelos fueron transferidos a otras secciones del aeropuerto.. mientras paulatinamente concluyen las labores de busqueda de sobrevivientes del terremoto que devasto a haiti, se intensifican los esfuerzos para extender la ayuda por largo tiempo debido a =ñu severidad de la catastrofe que destruyo un 70-por ciento de su estructura... maria rosa lucchini tiene mas informacion... ÷ÑÑÑÑÑ si quiere ayudar a haiti, que realmente lo necesita puede hacerlo por telefono al 1-888- 277-7575 o enviando un mensaje de texto al 30644 que diga reli
washington, the first president, and then john adams and all the way around until it came to ronald reagan right next to george washington. and he and i talked about the drama that he experienced on the wheel right next to president washington. on that particular week, we had the confirmation hearings of judge bork for the supreme court of the united states, and september 17 when i traveled to philadelphia with the president, it was a thursday and i missed my opportunity to question judge bork. and i got that opportunity on saturday morning, and i was the only one there and had -- at least there were only a few people there and had an opportunity to question judge bork for an hour and a half. and ultimately, played a key role in the rejection of the nomination of judge bork who believed in original intent and had a very, very different view of the constitution. did not believe in due process of law. that was not part of the constitution, and he disagreed with the incorporation of the ten amendments through the due process clause to apply to the states. and that was a momentous supreme cour
from the nation's capital this is "washington journal." host: alive the picture from the floor of the washington ought to show at the convention center. lots of new car models to look at. the focus on alternative fuels, and plenty of executives and officials. we will learn all about the decisions washington makes and their impact on the auto industry. in the meantime president obama is set to propose a freeze on a portion of federal spending today. it could dramatically curtail his legislative ambitions. we want to get your thoughts. he will talk about it on the state of the union address tomorrow. here is the headline on the story. obama to propose a freeze on spending. the subhead it goes this way -- deficit reduction campaign. the white house says the three- year plan could save much money over time. if you look at the lead to the wall street journal did put it this way, there subhead says the white house plan applies to only 17% of spending and will have a small impact on the deficit. here is their leader -- president obama proposes to have a three-year in federal spending
. >> this is irresponsible management 101. i think that should be taken into account. >> according to the "washington post," the statement from rhee is expected this morning. stay tuned for fox 5. coming up in our 7:00 hour, we'll talk live with d.c.ouncil member michael brunn and also george park are, who is the president of the washington teachers union about this issue. >>> washington wizards player javaris crittenton and in court yesterday to address the locker room confrontation with gilbert arenas. he plead guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge because he feared arenas would shoot him or blow up his car after a dispute. crittenton will meet with nba officials today. >>> the supreme court has refused to hear the appeal of a man on virginia's death role. paul warner powell killed a 16- year-old girl and raped her sister at their manassas home in 1999. justices did not comment on why they decided not to hear powell's appeal. >>> leaders in hatesy are making an urge anticipate peel for 200,000 tents. they are needed before the rainy season begins in may. right now, those left homeless are using anything th
. because what occurred in washington was obviously much more powerful than any of the earnings report, any of the revenue reports, anything wall street threw at us. boy did we get serious good quarters in almost every sector last week. and they were still overwhelmed by the negativity. >> dive, dive, dive. >> all right, there's some important lessons here. first, when everyone thinks the world is coming to an end, it tends not to end. we feared the worst, right? we feared the worst. you know what, when we fear that we rarely get the worst. >> house of pleasure. >> but i want to be clear on this. a nixing of ben bernanke would have caused at least a thousand-point decline. he's regarded basically as the only adult in the room. the guy who may have started late to solve the banking crisis but did keep the system working kept your atm on the move. prevented imminent bank nationalization. i think it's safe to say we would be several thousand points lower than we are if not half if he hadn't stopped the move to nationalize the banks. second, this is the real travesty. until last week america th
at least the old timey americans. if you remember history and the words of george washington, may i, remember the words of george washington. if men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter -- in other words, you have to be able to say it. if you are cut out of the system, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind reason is of no use. the freedom of speech may be taken away and dumb and silence we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. he's only the guy on the bill that's worth very little. george washington. but, as "newsweek" told us, we're all socialists now. and maybe we are. hmm? maybe we're just too dumb, according to "time" magazine to know what we should be for. oh, but they'll tell us. >>> i'm patti ann browne. a sad new development to the case of missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. moments ago, police in virginia say they believe they found the 20-year-old's body. her parents were called to the site where remains were discovered today on a farm south of charlottesville. she
years. the president needs to rein in spending according to some. giving washington democrats unprecedented spending binge, it is like washington going on a diet after winning a pie eating contest. >> it looks like we will have another huge deficit this year as in last year. >> most indications seem to post -- . towards red ink. -- point toward red beak. >> many are plunging to raise money for the special olympics in maryland. this person is going to great lengths to show support for maryland families. their daughter suffers from down's syndrome. not even one year old, she lost her life before thanksgiving. they started raising money for the plunge in june. they are honoring the memory of their daughter. >> i never would have thought somebody who does not know me cares that much about my daughter. >> the $1,000 donations -- you can join him in joe flacco at the plunge at the bay. enif you know someone taking the plunge, and you can tax them words of encouragement to 8859. we will run those messages at the bottom of the screen during ever coverage beginning saturday morning at
of the union address tomorrow night. we are in washington with more. >> under pressure to cut record red ink, officials say obama will announce a three-year spending freeze. it could affect everything from air traffic control to education, to national parks. it will not affect military or security costs for medicare, the engine of big spending. it is driving costs. >> let's make tough choices. everything, cutting our own budget. >> the president is aiming at tax breaks at the middle class. >> proposals will make it easier for families to get by, students to get ahead, workers to retire. but it came on the day a new poll confirmed americans top concerns, jobs and the economy. about to debut of every five -- two of every five american workers has been unemployed for six months. we have never seen anything like that before. >> i think people care more about results, about the creation of jobs, about getting a handle on the deficit, then they do about the next speech. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> to americans, tomorrow night. this morning, congress comes out with more bad
. some lightning to the south of washington. also, some small hail across falls church. all this is moving off toward the east. we still have a flood warning in effect for montgomery, prince george's, montgomery, frederick, fairfax, and loudoun and washington counties. showers will diminish through the overnight. temperatures will fall into the 30's. we will talk about a much colder forecast and the possibility of snow by the end of the week. >>> president obama is speaking with abc news days before his state of the union address. tonight he talked with diane sawyer about pressure he faces. >> there is a tendency in washington to think that our job description of an elected in officials it to get -- is to get reelected. that is not our job description. our job description is to solve problems and help people. >> when he talks the congress on wednesday, he will outline a plan helping the middle class. he will ask congress to freeze spending for domestic programs for three years beginning in 2011. you can watch the speech live here on abc7 wednesday at 9:00 p.m.. for a complet
to >>> a federal investigation is underway this noon after two washington, d.c. metro workers were struck and killed on the tracks this morning. this it is latest of a string on fatalities in the washington area transit system. ron is live in the news room to explain. >> reporter: the men were installing safety equipment on the red line when they were hit this morning. one worker dies from the scene a few blocks from the metro station. the other died on the way to the hospital. employees were killed while trying to fix the automatic train control system. that system's failure may have contributed to a separate crash that killed nine people in june of 2009. national transportation safety board has launched on investigation into this latest accident. back to you. >> thank you. >>> this morning's accident disrupted service for many maryland commuter. red line was shut down between shady grove and twin brooks station while the crash was investigated a new federal law is on the books and the road. drivers of commercial vehicles may no longer text behind the wheel. while that may s
acknowledge the president's spending freeze would only make a dent in it. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >> president obama will be giving the state of the union speech tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. you can watch it right here on nbc 4. >>> this morning, haiti's president is asking for massive donations of tents to help those left homeless after the earthquake. as many as 1 million people have been living on the streets of port-au-prince since that earthquake struck nearly two weeks ago now. right now, plans are under way to build a tent city outside the capital. also today, the u.n. is describing the city as generally secure in the wake of the tragedy. there has only been some isolated looting there. >>> john travolta is in haiti today, lending a hand to those earthquake victims. the actor flew his private jet to the country yesterday, carrying four tons of ready-to-eat military rations and medical supplies. he also brought with him his wife, kelly preston, a team of doctors, and scientology ministers. >>> well, when we woke up, there was a big change in the weather. it was like 30 degrees coo
, maryland maria rosa lucchini univision... en washington se acentua el malestar y la controversia creada por la canciller de las escuelas publicas que dijo qu algunos profesores despedidos en octubre tuvieron relaciones sexuales con los estudiantes, los golpearon o faltaron a sus trabajos sin autorizacion... claudia uceda tiene mas.. despues de dias de controversia, por fin hay algo de claridad... y es que luego de que la canciller de educacion michelle rhee le dijo a una revista, las aclaraciones, expertos en educacion la critican "es catastrofico primero para el propio maestro porque es su reputacion, en todos los lugares cuando a uno lo despiden, nunca dicen las ranes por las ha sido una razon verdadera, se ha debido de investigar." este profesor dice que el comentario le hizo dano a muchos profesores en general, no solo a los despedidos... "nos toca de que digan que maestros de dcpsesten abusando a los ninos y que por eso son u controversia, refleja la poca y deteriorada comunicacion relacion que existe entre la administracion y los
in trouble for the midterm elections? karl rove joins us here in washington. midterm elections just around the conferencer, i suppose that was a rude awakening for some in massachusetts? >> absolutely. midterm elects critical moments are happening now as the republicans scramble to get candidates for congress and senate. this has given them a big boost in the arm. as democrats attempt to keep their members running for reelection it has obviously hurt. defection of a senior democrat first elected '92 in the house from arkansas pulling the rip cord and bailing out marion barry? >> greta: why? >> there are 49 democrats in the house of representatives, who represent seats carried by bush and mccain, 48 were carried by bush and mccain all three times. his district was 59% for mccain up from 54. a district in the northeast corner of arkansas, main cities jonesboro, a little from little rock down to the southwestern part of the district the northwest historically republican ozark country but it is a republican district here had you one of the more partisan members of the house who had been a rela
'll be in washington for that. it's a freeze with big exceptions like social security and medicare. does it sound weird. former ebay boss knows a thing or two about good deals and for taxpayers this isn't a good deal so she's run for governor and has a new book, the power of money, values for success in business and in life. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you can't pick and choose across the board cuts, right? >> i think they have to be across the board. we have an enormous deficit and you have to look at every department and line item to get it back in shame. that's he self-evident. >> neil: a lot of republicans rejected this commission but at least it would have absolved then of onus on the ideas zing the american people want congress to be accountable and the president accountable. >> neil: but they're not. >> we have to find a way for the president and congress to lead on getting costs down at the federal government. the bad news, we have a government we can no longer afford and we better face up and start to figure out how to get it back into line with what we can afford. >> neil: yo
on the nation's budget deficit. our chief washington correspondent john harwood has the details. john, so take us through it. the deficit numbers are really shocking. >> well, they're shocking. they're slightly less shocking than they were before the omb came up with this number. we have a $1.3 trillion deficit forecast for 2010. a little over 9% of gdp that is smaller than the 1.4 trillion last year in the earlier omb estimate and the key word for the obama administration today is freeze. the president's aides put out the word in an embargo briefing that the president would propose a three-year freeze on domestic discretionary program that did not inrovolve security. not the home lann security department. this would affect 17% of the federal budget. a very limited scope and it would save $250 billion over ten years. just $10 billion or $15 billion is the difficult balancing act. the president will also talk about in the state of the union about the bipartisan commission that's been talked about on capitol hill, but at the same time he's pushing new jobs, legislation and that's going to be a f
for a job, we have just the event for you. details behind today's washington post megacareer expo. that's next. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere.  >>> we're back with a fox 5 follow-up. we're waiting for word from d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee. some members of the city council and the washington teachers union are demanding answers after some aalmosting allegations -- alarming allegations were made to a national magazine. she was discussing the 266 teachers laid off last year reportedly because of budget concernsch she told fast company magazine, i got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school. earlier on fox 5 morning news, city leaders reacted. >> did you ever get any paperwork on any of these charges, the charging themselves, quite serious, including the sexual misconduct charge? >> no. >> so you did not? >> did not. >> so where does that leave the council? >> we'll certainly, and i know the wtu will do what they need to do and so will we, which is try to some answers. >> and i think the chance
of limitations can is going to wear out on its bullishness for stocks. washington is going to decide this week whether easy money is here to stay. how should investors position themselves for a possible fed shakeout? we have stanford university economic's professor, john taylor. peter navarro, business professor at the university of california in irvine. and don lus kin and trend macro chief investment officer. i want to go to peter's great stock market stuff. where is that? i thought we were going to put it up on the full screen? here it is. peter, i want to begin with you to put a stock market or financial strategy spin. you're saying that there's a couple of possible bernanke trades. if it's a kensian easy money fed you go short the dollar. short the long bond. sell the long bond. play the carry trade, which is probably very bullish for commodities and then you say go short housing. i'll come back to that. on the other hand, if a miracle happens and bernanke changes his view, or maybe we get a hard money guy like one of our distinguished guests, you're saying you go long the dollar, short t
are in the 30s across most of the region. here in washington it is indeed 39 at this hour. relative humidity at 46%. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. that's the big difference on temperature and winds. winds greatly diminished from yesterday morning and yesterday during the day. here is a look at the satellite radar. there are clouds mixed with the sun coming up in just a little while. so we'll see a paly sunny sky for the morning and in deed for the day as well. precipitation remains out to the west in the form of snow. the rain that we saw has pushed well off to the east, although there is lingering precipitation in the northeast. your forecast for washington for today looks like this -- partly sunny, much cooler than yesterday's high in the 60s. today we're looking for a high of about 45 degrees. i'll have more details on all of that coming up in just a little bit. steve and allison back to you. >>> before we get to julie wright we want to talk about the breaking news having a huge impact on the commute. another tragic act on the metro. >> two workers were killed near the r
presenting a united front. joining us from washington fox fox news chief analyst brit hume. there is a 65% point gap between democrats, 88% of them like the president's policies and republicans 23% don't like his policies. that's the largest gap ever, ever, in the history of this kind of polling. so, there is -- united against president obama's policies. i don't think the party is united but you disagree, huh? >> die, bill. i think the party is far more united than i imagined it could be a year ago. as you said a big part of that is president obama has succeeded in union fighting them that i don't think any republican or group of republicans could have. his policies have not only made it easier to join together to voted against them but they have also done poorly which has made them and to an increasing extent him unpopular and them, naturally, in a two-party more. so look at the races, particularly the one in massachusetts last week. the tea party activists were in there a lot of people thought state of massachusetts, tea party activists that's not but trouble for scott brown. scott brow
for votes for a fix-it bill in washington. luke russert covers capitol hill for us. so outline where we are in these health care negotiations and what the time line is and what scenarios are we expecting. >> well, chuck, right now it is the road to 218. that's the number of votes nancy pelosi has to find in the house in order to pass health care reform. here's what she has to do. she has to get democrats to sign on to approving this reconciliation bill, this fix-it bill that would include things like an extension in the medicare payroll tax. it would have the union excise tax, not going into effect until 2018. it would include -- it would get rid of the cornhusker kickback, all those compromises we're doing with ping-pong between the house and the senate bills, it would be in one bill and it would have to pass the house first. after the house would pass that bill, they then would pass the senate bill and then obama would have his majoring legislative victory and have health care reform. can they get there? yes. is it very difficult? yes. how does she have to get there? she has to get to
of the "washington post" and tom defrank of the "new york daily news". >> he has been defined by other people. he has been defined as a radical and he has failed to fight back. >> he has to do something that is, i think, counterintuitive for them as a white house. he ran as his own biography. people... it was about him in the campaign. he now has to make it about the voters. >> he can't go to the left because he doesn't have the votes in congress for the agenda that he thought he... that he thought he would have that the point. he just doesn't have the votes so he has no choice but to go to the cent. but keep his seine terrorism twined up with the populist appeal and that's going to be tough. >> rose: we continue this evening with the number-one book in the country. is it about politics and the election of 2008, "game change" is the book. the authors are mark halperin and john heilemann. >> there has to be aprogram that fits into that narrative that appeals to obama republicans just as reagan had a program that appealed to reagan democrats. >> rose: or independents or growth in well, both, because in
>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. this is breaking news. >> breaking news. montgomery county police say two metro workers were struck and killed near the rockville station. >> we do have a crew on the scene. we will have a live report coming up. more tragedy for metro. we want to switch gears. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's get right to brian van de graaff with 0 we can expect today. a lot of stars are out there today. >> ♪ the stars at night yesterday we got up to 68 degrees. a slight chance of a sprinkle. temperatures today, mid 40's. yesterday was 68. we will talk to adam coming up in about 10 minutes. we have a chance for some snow friday night into saturday. things should be calm this morning. >> red line disruption near shady grove because of it breaking news. there is going to establish a show boss for anyone who wants to take a good option shuttle bus. 95, 66 are good. it is good in and out of baltimore. now more information on the breaking news. >>> we do have a crew on the way. will have more in a
bayer. >>> and today washington gas crews dug up a section of georgia avenue in silver springs. the utility is trying to find out what caused a mysterious underground explosion at the intersection with plyers mill road. crews appear to be repairing a section of pipe but a washington gas spokesman says the cause of the explosion remains undetermined. tint sent manhole covers flying into the air, badly injuring one driver. a church, and some nearby residents were evacuated. >>> we're very fortunate that it didn't turn out to be something greater than it was. certainly a shame happened to the lady that was injured. but the repercussions that it could have happened to the neighborhood certainly could have done serious damage, if it hadn't been contained as quickly as it was by the fire department. >> officials have not identified the driver who was injured. >>> d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee tonight appears to be backing off comments she made about some fired teachers. rhee had told a national magazine she had fired teachers who had sex with students hit them or were chronica
is in washington tonight. nancy, toyota is also stopping production of these vehicles next week. this is really unprecedented. >> reporter: it is completely unprecedented, katie, and one industry analyst described it to us tonight like the recall of tylenol by johnson & johnson back in 1982. it's affecting four major production plants, as you mentioned, and 2.3 million vehicles at a time when the industry can scarcely afford it. the suspension of sales includes some of toyota's most popular models, including the camry and the corolla. inn total, eight models are being pulled for now. some are 2010 model, but others date all the way back to 2005. not on the suspension list are any lexus or scion models. the problem in some of the toyota models is that the gas pedal can get stuck underneath floor mats and even in some vehicles without the presence of floor mats. the sales suspension will shut down production lines at four american factories. the malfunction has been linked to half a dozen deaths and industry experts say the fact that toyota is going to these lengths now indicates that it either d
in washington, d.c. >> many are waking moment -- waking up without power as a result of the flood waters from yesterday. residents say it is nothing they had not seen before. it was the worst flood i had ever seen. >> it could have been enough off, it could've been a lot worse. >> that are blocking off the promenade at the pavilion. about 1 foot of man swelled -- water swelled around some businesses in >> military base after the devastating our question haiti, many are in need of basic shelter. many are living in makeshift tent cities. the search for survivors continues as rescue crews hold out hope as they sift through the rubble of collapsed buildings. west -- president obama is calling for spending cuts. he will address that in his state of the union address tomorrow night. >> officials say president obama will announce a three years spending freeze. it could affect air traffic control to education to national parks. it will not affect military or security, or entitlements like medicare. >> let us make the tough choices. every family in america has had to do that in cutting our own budget.
a mediocre two-term president. and i believe that. you know, there's a tendency in washington to think that our job description of elected officials is to get re-elected. that's not our job description. and i don't want to look back on my time here and say to myself, all i was concerned about was nurturing my own popularity. >> hey, welcome to "morning joe." we are live from chicago where last night mika and i went to a book event for her book, "all things at once" and had a great crowd out there. very cold in chicago this morning. the talk last night and the talk in washington today is going to be about president obama's state of the union address. and he's, of course, going to be delivering that tomorrow. and we've got a lot to talk about including a spending freeze that predictably has people on the far left angry and the people on the far right angry. and we'll figure out why everybody's so darn angry in a little bit. good morning. it's tuesday, january 26th. and willie, take us around the table up in new york. >> good morning, joe. i know you, too, don't want to get caught up in y
the deadly earthquake. >> i am jennifer gilbert in washington. where the president is unveiling proposals, he said, would lift the burden on the middle class. details and reaction coming up. >> and the flight has been on frequently purchased groceries could have saved $55 in just one month by shopping at walmart. [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> sad news about a long time political figure in maryland. former u.s. senator charles mathighias has died. a republican that fought for civil rights and the protection of the chesapeake bay. he was first elected to the house of representatives in 1960. and spent the next 26 years in washington, representing maryland. mathighias died today from complications of parkinson's disease. he was 87. >> the president is refocusing his agenda on the economy. unveiling initiatives helped at aiming the middle class. and putting the finishing touches on the state of the union address that he will deliver this week. our republicans buying any of it? jennifer davis reports from washington. >> the latest numbers show he sal
in america. a robber in washington state brutally beat a woman at an atm machine for less than a dollar. the suspect used an object resembling a pipe. the multiple blows caused severe lacerations and the suspect stole her wallet which had 15 cents in it. >>> a land slide in san antonio caused officials to evacuate around 100 homes. the shifting soil caused crevices to form in backyards some as large as six feet. some homes have already suffered structure damage from the collapsing earth. residents are being put up in hotel rooms paid for by the housing complex. >>> scientist in california are examining a mars rock believed to come from deep within the planet. nasa's exploration rover "opportunity" discovered the baseball size rock. it is different in composition and character from any other rock they found on the planet and could shed light on the interior of the red planet. >>> the girl scout bakery in kentucky added another item to its roster. the latest creation. thank you berry much. a cranberry cookie with white chocolate fudge chips. >>> here's bill karins with the weather channel
in washington for his support of civil rights and protect of the chesapeake bay. he was 87 years old said his son and died from complications of parkinson's disease. he lived in chevy chase. >>> delaware's attorney general bo -- joe biden wants another go and won't run for his father's senate seat. that is bad news for the democratic party. they lost one of delaware's citizens when biden became vice president. the democrats are looking for someone to to run against popular republican congressman and governor castle. >>> president obama and fellow democrats just ended what was likely the most politically problematic week of the presidency w. mid-term elections looming, healthcare reform stuck in limbo, the white house is strategizing on how to move forward. earlier, the president spoke cluesively to abcs diane sawyer who only interviewed before the first state-of-the-union address wednesday. here's tj winick. >> reporter: president obama told diane sawyer his state-of- the-union address will focus on how to help struggling middle class americans. >> we're going to talk about how we can, first
hoping to implement a new safety program in the washington, d.c., metropolitan area and with kato on the way out the next few weeks, it's now the metro chairman, d.c. councilman jim graham, the lead spokesperson here today and graham was inside -- excited about one point moments ago and said rather than this being a system failure or a break down in policies, he said at this point early on in this investigation, metro officials believe that this was the fault of error and not some widespread system failure. from everything we know at this point, this great tragedy was a direct result of human error and i am not prepared to go into details but i wanted to say that much to you today. >> reporter: of course, the lead agency is going o be the ntsb and graham let us know by next thursday and they expect officials will have an announcement as far as interim leadership of this transit agency, an agency that, once again, finds itself embroiled in a fatality investigation. we're live at metro headquarters in northwest, back to you. >> this rning's accident will forever change the lives of
and defense from that, but the deep freeze proposal getting a luke-warm reception in washington, d.c., where there are two schools of thought coming out of capitol hill. one, we shouldn't be cutting spending during a recession. another, this freeze would only save $447 billion in the future. and that's a drop in the bucket at the end of the day. meanwhile, we here are asking, it's as if they're saying we're not going to add a sun room to a house that has termites. is anything actually going to address the termites. i don't know. joining us now, senate budget committee chairman democrat from north carolina. his plan was voted down today in the senate. senator, what does the president have to do to bring people to a positive and constructive destination? >> first of all, north dakota. not north carolina. >> i apologize. my apologies. i'm sure i've offended lots of people now. >> no, that's fine. look, i think the important thing is that we've got 53 votes today for a deficit reduction commission, strong bipartisan vote. a majority of the senate. that shows enormous progress from where we were.
. >>> fear factor. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, running for cover, the democrats woke up this morning to a one-two punch of bad news. first, arkansas democrat marion barry decided not to run for re-election to his house seat. then vice president joe biden's son announced he would not be running for his dad's old senate seat in dell, making it for another likely republican pickup. whether or not either of these decisions was prompted by last week's massachusetts election for the senate, the landscape is looking treacherous for democrats on both sides of capitol hill. one democrat who's getting restless is u.s. congressman bill pasclel of northern new jersey. when he says the public will get behind health care as soon as they understand it, he says that is not only arrogant, in his words, he says it's bs. he joins us later. that should be interesting. how does the white house hit the reset button to avert disaster this november politically? does obama go left, center or offer little crowd-pleasing nibbles like school uniform
in washington, d.c. treasury secretary tim geithner, the man who has been keeping all those aig secrets, whether he was the one that made the decision on the pass-through or not, conflicts depending on which e-mail you read. and which document you look through the redaction to see. but the man himself, the custodian of america's wealth, the king of the back-door bailout and secrets will be testifying tomorrow. and i am certain he will be grilled about those efforts to keep those details secret from the american people. also testifying, former treasury secretary hank paulson who was the man who sat as treasury secretary before tim geithner in that secret meeting of the nine for the t.a.r.p. giving out $10 billion at a clip with three or four paragraphs per page, an interesting day during the day. and that doesn't even begin to get into the state of the union. a big day for the president tomorrow after a divisive year. "hardball" begins right now. >>> something about mary. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. watergate, federal marshals have arrested a group o
was or what caused that manhole explosion. >>> washington wizards player crittenton will avoid jail charges. crittenton was charged with two gun counts for bringing in unloaded guns into the team locker room last month. crittendon is allegedly to have pointed the gun at arenas following an argument the two had over a gambling debt. his lawyer says he was simply defending himself. >> mr. crittenton brought a lawfully obtained gun into the washington wizards locker room only because he feared for his life. the government acknowledged that that handgun was not loaded and that he never threatened anyone with it. >> after being charged, crittenton pleaded guilty and sentenced to a year of probation. as for gilbert rhine as he is scheduled to be sentenced march 26th. he's already been suspended by the nba and this week we could learn just how long that suspension will last. arenas plead guilty earlier this month to a felony gun charge. the judge could give him anything from probation to five years in prison. >>> fairfaxounty parents and students will have another chance to voice their opinion thi
is in washington with details. between morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the president is trying to sharpen his economic message and squins americans he's on their side. president obama is calling for a freeze on most domestic spending for the next three years. it's part of next year's budget plan which still has to be approved by congress. some departments like the pentagon and homeland security would be exempt from the spending hold which by 2020 would save an estimated $250 billion. the president will give more details during tomorrow's state of the union address. the spech will also include help for americans who know all too well will cutting back. >> unfortunately the middle class has been under assault for a long time. >> reporter: on more than, the president outlined a series of measures designed to come to their rescue. the proposals include nearly doubling the child care tax credit for families making less than $85,000 a year. expanding tax credits to help workers save for retirement. and increasing support for families caring for elderly relatives. >> hopefully self these steps w
mitchell live in washington. the white house has leaked some proposals from tomorrow's big speech. let's go to chuck todd, co-host of "the daily rundown" on msnbc and cnbc's steve liesman and ron brownstein, political director for atlantic media. first, chuck, how does this track with the mood of the congress right now, what the president is proposing? >> reporter: he is propositiving a spending freeze on nondiscretionary spending filled with washington jargon. you're talking about all the agencies not involved with national security or foreign policy, state department defense department, department of homeland security veterans' affairs. put those aside. from the education department, labor, agriculture things like this. so this spending freeze accounts for about half a trillion dollars each year, a little less than $500 billion. they want to cap it at that this piece of the budget pie. they say that they will play around. so some agencies may see an increase. this doesn't mean that everybody is going to see cut or no spending increase at all but that they will
. and it's not just a washington problem. it's a state and local and citizen problem as well as the federal government. our conclusion was that the best way to deter a terrorist attack with a biological weapon is for the terrorists to know that you're very well prepared, that you can reduce the impact of the attack to less than mass destruction. there are many steps required for that effective response, knowing that you're under attack, having the therapeutics to give to the people who have been impacted, to having proper medical care available. we think on all of those links of the chain of response, we are woefully weak. >> we're looking at that report card now. one area is homeland security, oversight and recruiting. homeland security was created specifically to deal with these kinds of threats. let's talk about what can be done. if there were one or two things that you think immediately the obama administration can look at, what would they snb. >> one, we need to have somebody in charge. there are a couple dozen federal officials who have some part of this response to biological attack.
his state othe union speech an analysis with j meacham of "newsweek anne rnblut of the "washington post" and tom defrank of e "new york ily ns". he has been defined byother ople. he has been defined as a radical and he has faile to fightack. >> he has to do mething that is, i thin, countertuitive for th as a white hoe. he ran hiswn biography. people... it was about him in the camign. he n has t make iabout the voters >> he can't go t the left because heoesn't have the votes in congress for t anda that he thought he... that he thought he would have th the point. he just doesn't have the votes so he has nohoice but to go to the center but keep hi seine terrorism twined up with the populist appealnd that's going to be tough. >> rose: we continuehis evening with the number-one book in the coury. is it about politics and th eltion of 2008, "game chang is theook. the authors are mark halperin and john heilemann. >> there has to be a progra th fits into that narrative that appesto obama republans just as reaganad a program that appled to reagan democrs. rose: or independents or grth in w
. the nation's $1.4 trillion deficit was topic number one in washington today. president obama is planning to call for a three-year freeze on some government spending. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: the senate rejected a plan to create a bipartisan panel to tackle the deficit. we'll talk to senators kent conrad and judd gregg. >> ifill: then, how are the policy debates in washington affecting the political debates leading up to the midterm elections. >> woodruff: paul solman takes a real estate tour in atlanta with two experts on housing prices. >> there's reasons to believe it will stay down and there are reasons to believe it's going to come back. that's why you economists drive people crazy. you do understand that. >> absolutely. >> ifill: ray suarez has the story of american doctors and nurses helping to rebuild haiti's shattered health care system. and the obama administration gets an "f" for its ability to respond to a biological attack. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "pbs newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour is provided by: bank of ame
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